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SWHarborlibraryREVEthan Trust Snyder is a 15-year-old boy who lives in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has three younger siblings and an older brother. In addition to playing Minecraft and other PC and video games, he enjoys snowboarding, drums, basketball, computer coding, and collecting exclusive sneakers. He’s also studying Japanese. Ethan likes to travel all over the world, but he always spends time in the summer in Maine.

Ethan wrote Best Friends: The Adventures of Squirrel and Chipmunk in Maine when he was 13 because he wanted to share his love of three things with young children and their parents. First, squirrels, which are his favorite animal, because they are small and energetic, as he is. Second, Maine, where he vacations in the summer with his grandparents, going hiking through the woods, fishing, and swimming. Third, his imagination and storytelling. This is a children’s book aimed at three to nine year olds.

Ethan’s second book, Adventures in the World of Minecraft is a fan fiction that takes you along – with pictures and words – on the adventures of a Minecraft character who finds himself in an empty snow biome, with no tools or supplies. His quest is to kill the ferocious and malevolent Ender Dragon, and, before the final, exciting battle, he must craft tools, build a home, find food, and defend himsself from menacing creepers, skeletons, zombie pigmen, and Endermen.

The story is extensively illustrated with screenshots created by Ethan, and it is unique in its presentation, offering readers ideas for creating their own Minecraft adventures. Ethan studied Java and Minecraft coding at ID Tech Camp at Preinceton University in 2013 and attended Minecon 2013.

Most recently, Ethan created his own line of clothing and accessories, Baked Kix, which he has been selling at sneaker conventions, including New York, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh shows.  Yes, there are actually   day-long conventions about sneakers.  Ethan is also working on a third book about sneakers that should come out sometime in 2015.  Take a look at the clothing at bakedkix.bigcartel.com

Steve Daniels is an artist, novelist, children’s author, illustrator, and underwater photographer.

During the Vietnam War, he was a draftsman and illustrator for the Tactical Air Command, preparing artist concepts of top secret aircraft. He was the art director for a university, designer for several marine science museums and aquariums, and an underwater photographer, also heading an underwater search and rescue team. Steve and his wife, Carol, run their own art studio in the mountains of North Carolina.

Several of Steve’s aviation paintings hang in museums, and Steve had the honor of visiting the Oval Office in the White House and presenting President George H.W. Bush with his painting of the plane Bush was flying when he was shot down in WWII.

Steve is the author of several published bush, including novels and children’s books. He also illustrates books and covers for other authors. You can friend him on his Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/authorillustratorsteve.daniels or email him at steve@pieguybooks.com.

Take a look at Baked Kix, a clothing line designed by Ethan.


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