Best Friends: The Adventures of Squirrel and Chipmunk in Maine is a children’s book about the adventures of two best friends who are forced to find a new place to live after a fire destroys their home.  They encounter some fierce enemies:  a bear, an eagle, and some money-grubbing lumberjacks, and some friends, including a moose and a park ranger.  Written by a teen, Ethan Snyder, the story shows children eight years old and younger the value of friendship and loyalty, and persistence in the face of adversity.

The illustrations by Steve Daniels are colorful and vivid, and portray Maine’s beautiful landscapes.


4 year old girl:  “My favorite part was the fighting.  When the moose got shot, that was sad.  I like when the Moose fell I the hole.”

Mother of 4 year old:  “When I finished reading it to her, she said it was good and asked me to read it to her again.  She really liked the adventures.”

7 year old girl:  “It was very good.  I liked that it talked about friends.  And I liked that they were helping the forest, protecting the forest.  I didn’t like that the moose got hurt, but I wasn’t scared by that.”

Mother of  7 year old:  “It was good and written well.  Some of the story line surprised me — the missing child and the lumbermen — but it didn’t bother me.  It had a good message.  I haven’t heard about saving the trees since Dr. Seuss’ Lorax.”

6 year old boy:  “I liked it because it is a good story and because I really like Maine…My friend would really like it because he always goes to Maine in the summer…My favorite character was Chipmunk…I liked all of the adventures…There was no part I didn’t like.”

Mother of 6 year old boy:  “The complexity surprised me, but I thought it was great.  I liked the message of friendship, sticking together, and trust.”

10 year old boy:  “It was good and had more detail than  usual.  I liked that it explained a lot about nature and how friends stand up for each other.”

8 year old girl:  “It was really good.  My favorite part was when they saved the girl.”

8 year old girl:  “It was really interesting, and I really got into it.”

7 year old girl:  “I liked it because they helped each other.  The coyote adventure was my favorite because he fell…There was nothing I didn’t like…The chipmunk was my favorite because I like chipmunks.”    (After she learned that Ethan wrote the book she came to our seat on the plane with a pen and paper and asked  for his autograph!)



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